Pennies (or Feathers) From Heaven

July 30, 2017

Are Feathers a Sign From Spirit?

I recently found this article written by one of my spiritual teachers, Denise Linn. I’ve never met Denise in person, only by email. I’ve read many of her books and learned most of what I know about space clearing from her by taking her course. When I was about half way through the course I began finding feathers while out for walks. Some in strange places, others not. Some appeared in what seemed like out no where…but I knew better. If you’ve read my blog posts “Navajo Country” and “Animal Totems“, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I know I’ll continue to find feathers, not the beat up, dirty kind, but the beautiful, in perfect condition and unusual ones. I bring them home, clean them carefully and save them in a special vase. I’ve also used some of them when I perform space clearings for clients. When I find one on the ground, I stop and think to myself. What I was just thinking about? I used say “Wow!” because the feather was always related to what I was thinking about. It’s happened so many times now, I just smile and say OK, I get it.

Then I decided to play a game with source energy. I asked for an unusual feather, one that I rarely see or haven’t seen before. It could be anywhere, but had to see it within 48 hrs. The next morning I started out on my daily walk with my dogs. Two houses down I spotted on the edge of the sidewalk a dead bird. I actually said out loud, “No, this isn’t what I meant or even had in mind! I want to see an unusual feather, not a dead bird.” Then continued on my walk. Later that evening I was on Facebook and clicked on a group page that sells LuLaRoe clothing. There, to my surprise, was a “sneak peek” picture of a pair of leggings up for sale at the next group sale. Of all the items that were going to be up for sale, the feathered leggings was the one posted. I just laughed out loud and said, “You win! You got me good!”
Source spirit comes calling all the time, we just have to take notice. But it’s fun to play a game or two just as a test. When I play a game I haven’t always gotten what I asked for, but then I may not have been paying close enough attention. More often than not, I get a response. Most of the time serious, but I love the humorous ones. Nice to know source and the spirit world has a sense of humor.

I invite you to give it a try. If you’d like a whole book of games to play with source, Pam Grout has books full of them. The books I used are E-squared and E-cubed and can be found in many public libraries. In the mean time, give the one I did a try. Start by picking a date/time to begin, Ask a simple, straight forward request to find something during the next 48 hours, like the unusual feather. It helps to write it down and repeat the request out loud a few times during the 48 hours. You MUST be observant!!! You can get your answer anywhere, in a photo, a song, a billboard, on TV, or anywhere.

Another game is what Pam Grout calls “The Dear Abby principle”.  You follow the same procedure of writing down the date/time and your question. But this time you’re asking for guidance about something and to get a clear yes or no answer. For example, “Will I get offered a promotion at work?” Then be present and aware.

This last one I’ll share with you Pam calls “The 101 Dalmatians Principle”. The question is, can I send a message to someone without being in that person’s presence? Same procedure applies and it’s best that it is someone you know. Choose what kind of action or response you want. Be specific and very clear about your agenda. The story Pam shares is a woman setting the intention; “I now receive an abundant inflow of calls from men.” Guess what? Within the 48 hours this woman received calls from men through out the day and night, many being wrong numbers. So she changed her intention to one that would work better. Over the next four days she got calls from all of her past lovers, some she hadn’t heard from in years. Pretty wild, yes?

So give it a try, have fun with it and please share your experience. 🙂