The Body/Mind Wellness


*Yoga (class & private)
*Personal Energy Clearings
*Thai Massage
*Raindrop Technique w/essential oils
*Yoga Class meets on Tuesday’s in Mendham: 5:30 – 6:45pm

*Classes are open to all, beginners and non beginners.

*Modifications and variations are offered so that each student can enjoy practicing at their own level.

*First time? Only $5.00

drop-ins $18

Prepaid packages:

5 classes $75
10 classes $140
20 classes $260
Personal Energy Clearings:

What? What are you talking about?
We’re all affected by the suble energy around us, although we often don’t realize it because it’s most often below our level of consciousness. Maybe you remember a time that something just didn’t feel right when you walked into a room, a home, or down a street. We pick up the subtle energies around us where ever we go. Such as in the workplace, shopping, in restaurants, and near electrical currents. Then there’s the build up of stress we’ve created ourselves currently and over our life time. Personal clearings help to balance these energies that are leaving you stuck, tired, and feeling there are fewer choices in life.
I use a pendulum, a dowsing instrument, that affects the brainwaves.  Basically how it works is I fall into synchronism with you by using the pendulum as my tool to do so. This works in person or remotely because it’s all about energy, which knows no boundries.
Sessions are all done remotely followed by a call or email message. Clearings can be done on Facetime or Zoom, which I recommend for at least the first session. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Cost: 5 Sessions for $20 or
10 Sessions for $35

Thai Bodywork:

How does it work?
The aim of Thai bodywork/massage is to release toxins and waste materials from the joints, muscles and connective tissue, and stimulate internal organs by using stretching techniques and gentle pressure.

What does it involve?
Thai massage is carried out on a cushioned mat on the floor. The practitioner uses their hands, feet & body to apply pressure to the client’s fully-clothed body and to carry out a range of gentle stretching movements similar to yoga postures, This makes Thai massage a more interactive and engaged session than the average table massage.

Thai massage is normally carried out in silence. For the practitioner; the giving of Thai massage is an important meditative and spiritual practice.
Also…Thai massage helps to relieve tension within the body and can be effectively used for pain relief. It improves the function of the lymph glands and blood circulation, and balances the nervous system. It is appropriate for a range of musculoskeletal problems including back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.

Thai massage is a powerful form of applied Yoga Therapy that can be modified to benefit anyone regardless of flexibility, age, or yoga background.

This exceptional hands-on therapy appeals to those who enjoy the benefits of massage or yoga. If you’d like, I can also use Young Living essentials oils to address emotional, spiritual. and physical issues. Please let me know ahead of time if you’d like to include essential oils.

90 minute session
Raindrop Technique

This treatment uses therapeutic oils to support the body’s system. The oils are dropped like little drops of rain along the spine from a height of about 6 inches. The oils are gently manipulated along the spine and back muscles. They are also applied to the bottoms of the feet. The application takes just about an hour and can continue to work for up to a week following treatment. 

Many clients experience the following benefits:
deep relaxation
increased energy
enhanced immunity
enhanced detoxification
relief from many aches and pains
improved postural alignment
sense of peacefulness and well being

Treat yourself to the ancient wisdom of essential oils.

50-60 minute session

Here is where you’ll find some guided meditations for you to use at anytime. I’m also available for helping you cultivate a meditation practice.

Cost: $20 per hour
Guided Meditations:

Introduction to Meditation: 4 minutes

2 Minute Guided Meditation:

5 Minute Guided Meditation:

11 Minute Breath Awareness Meditation:

14 Minute Yoga Nidra: (a yoga nidra is guided sleep meditation for very deep relaxation)

16 Minute Guided Meditation: (this meditation has some aspects of a yoga nidra)



“What a wonderful way to begin the new year! Having my home, myself and new scared kitties being cleared and blessed. You were calming to my anxieties and stress and helped me to move things around in my home and my space to improve my life. You took the time and did each space thoughtfully. Your knowledge is amazing and appreciated it so much!
Susan S.

Thai Massage:
“Through the years I have had many Thai massage practitioners work on me. However, I have never experienced such sure hands and clear intention as those of Stephanie’s. Stephanie, you are a great credit to your profession.”
Gurmukh Mike Noury Director, Yoga of India

“Although the Thai massage sessions are totally relaxing, my energy level afterwards is remarkably high and I am invigorated to tackle one of my stalled projects. Also, after several sessions, the range of motion that my body could achieve was significantly increased.”
Rosie L., Mendham NJ


“After my first yoga class with Stephanie I was hooked. I leave her class feeling like I’ve worked, but also feeling like I’ve got a lot of energy—and I feel happy! I am an athletic person, and yoga helps me to keep doing what I like to do—bike riding, playing tennis, walking, and skiing—without the minor injuries and aches that I used to get. Yoga also helps me strengthen the muscles that don’t get enough attention, esp. in my back, shoulders, and arms. It also helps me practice focus, relaxation, and positive thinking. Stephanie creates a professional and supportive environment for our yoga practice. Her training is thorough, and her heart is really into to this. You can tell that this is what she loves to do!”
Kaki P., Mendham NJ

“Stephanie visited our yoga classes at Mendham High School as a guest instructor. Prior to her sessions with the classes, the students were skeptical about the process and philosophy of this fine art. Her enthusiasm and knowledge boosted the students’ awareness and many expressed interest in pursuing further classes.”
Robin M., Mendham NJ

“My yoga practice has given me a sense of well being and inner peace during a very difficult time in my life. I believe that yoga has helped me to be calm and has eased my stress. I am not an athletic person, and I have noticed that my arms and legs are more toned. I have also been able to do poses I never thought possible with Stephanie’s guidance. Stephanie is able to adjust poses for any level. You never feel judged. I look forward to going to yoga. Yoga is the greatest thing I have done for myself.”
Jenn S., Phillipsburg NJ

“Yoga is a stretch for my body and spirit. It stalls the aging process and it makes me feel more like a participant in the world.”
Mark B., Mendham NJ

“When I came to Stephanie, the osteoarthritis in my left hip had deteriorated greatly & daily activities were extremely painful. Having tried many other methods, I thought yoga would help until such a time that a hip replacement would become unavoidable. Stephanie tailored the program to increase strength, mobility and range of motion in my hips. The results were remarkable. My pain level decreased and my range of motion increased considerably. was able to delay my hip replacement another year. I resumed our sessions 6 weeks after surgery and have never felt better. I am walking and exercising without pain and can touch my toes for the first time in many years.”
John L., Morristown NJ