Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication is a heart-based emotional exchange of energy, thoughts, feelings, and images, sometimes in lightning-fast progression of 2 way informational exchange. An animal communicator has to be able to gently grasp these messages as they fly by, to acknowledge them, and also keep the “conversation” flowing. To be successfulI I must keep an open mind, but free of any prior judgments or expectations. Only in that way can an animal have the freedom to truly open up and express herself without fear of repercussion, retribution, or adverse reaction.

Animal communication is not “guessing” and it’s not intellectualizing. It’s not an exact science nor does it offer 100% accuracy every time.

How Does It Work? 
First I prepare myself energetically by coming to a quiet place within and then 
intentionally connect with the animal. Information is then received in the form of 
thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations in the body, sounds in the mind, emotions, sudden knowings, etc. It is possible to have any sensory experience telepathically. The key to receiving is in the intention – a matter of both heart and mind. As interspecies communication is a telepathic/energetic experience, it occurs regardless of the physical closeness. It is a form of remote or distant communication that does not require being in each other’s presence. I prefer remote because it leaves the owner “out of the picture” and free of distractions.

Cost per session: $50 
payment click> PayPal or a mailed check.

Can you talk with animals who have died?

Yes! The process is much the same as it is for a remote communication. I tune in to the animal’s energy, and get a series of impressions and thoughts, just like I do from animals who are still with us physically, though the energy can be more subtle. The animal may share with me specific “pictures” and memories from her life. I can ask questions on your behalf, and sometimes (often depending on how long it has been since the animal has died) get a sense of whether the animal wishes or hopes to return, and if so, in what likeness.

It is best to wait at least 2-3 weeks after an animal has died before trying to initiate contact because there seems to be a period of natural adjustment between this life and the next. It can be tremendously comforting to realize that your former companion’s spirit is still very much alive.


I conduct my telepathic sessions remotely, relying on a photograph of your animal and some basic details (the animal’s name, age, breed, address, the issue). First you must email me to set up a time for our first phone conversation. During this conversation I will ask for above information and ask you to tell your animal that Stephanie will be speaking to you soon.

This is very important, so as not to startle your animal. After I’ve received payment and a photo, I will communicate with your animal “offline” and will type up an account of the conversation, which I will send to you via email. It’s nice having this written record, after thoughts on your part, and so clients can refer back to it whenever they wish. 

We will then schedule a second phone conversation to discuss the session so that I can better describe any refinements that aren’t always accurately conveyed in a written message, and talk with you to clarify any questions that may have arisen during my session with your animal.

I set aside about 60 minutes for each consultation, as follows: our first phone conversation, (10-15min.) my actual communication with your animal (15-20 minutes); preparation of written transcript (10-15 minutes); follow-up telephone call, after you have had an opportunity to review the transcript (20 minutes).

To schedule a session click here.


Animal Communication:

“Stephanie has an uncanny ability to read the inner thoughts and feelings of dogs. She gave me a message about how my Dachshund likes to be touched and I have found that when I utilize this touch, I instantly connect with Gabby and put her at ease. Pretty remarkable, since this reading was done over 700 miles away! I have now reached out to Stephanie about some behavioral issues and look forward to excellent results on this as well. Thanks Stephanie!”
Carol Dines, Louisville KY
Audiobook Narrator/Actor

“I was very impressed with the personality reading that Stephanie did for our cat Barney. She was correct on almost every front. My husband and I were really impressed on how accurate she was. We are looking forward to using her again soon.”
Julie R., Newark DE

“I am the proud mom of 4 rescue dogs. Rescue dogs don’t come with an owner’s manual or a diary detailing their lives before the rescue. How does one know how to help these little souls? What are a their fears? Their needs? Many are shut down and hard to reach. Stephanie Litwin has an amazing ability to connect with these little ones and help lift the curtain behind which their real selves hide. Stephanie read my Barney, a rescue who has lived with us for 4 years. She was spot on with virtually everything we know about him. Great work Stephanie. Barney sends doggy kisses!!!”
Paula G. Port Saint Lucie FL

“Stephanie has an incredible and envied ability to communicate with animals. I was appreciative and impressed by her ability to read my dog, Bandit, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 5 years ago. He was rather informative and Stephanie was correct and accurate in what he had to say. I’m looking forward to more animal communication readings with Stephanie and highly recommend her as she has a special gift.”
Denise H., Lake Hopatcong NJ

“Stephanie has a uncanny ability to tap in and connect with my cats. They are 15 & 17 years old and I know them very well. She was able to tap into what I already knew, but take it further and communicate with them so that I may take care of them better. They’re getting old and need special care, so there’s never been a more important time for me to understand their needs. Thanks Stephanie!”
John L., Whippany NJ



Raising Otter by Stephanie Litwin

Otter, a seven week old Seeing Eye puppy comes to live with his puppy-raiser family. Everyone, including the family pets, have the job of raising Otter to be a well mannered dog so that some day he’ll lead a person who is blind. Will Otter learn not to eat everything from clothes to food off the table? Can he walk, not run down the sidewalk? Will there ever be peace in the house again? These are just a few of the obstacles the family has to overcome. In the end, will they succeed?

Available for purchase via Amazon of directly from Stephanie. If you purchase through Stephanie, you have the option of also getting the 12min. DVD. The DVD follows the story but also includes footage of Otter. If interested, please email Stephanie.