Aligning With Winter

January 1, 2018

Aligning with Winter

I often hear complains about winter…it’s too cold, I don’t like the snow, I hate driving in the snow, it gets dark so early, etc. etc. Well, not me. I love the snow and the change of seasons. But, maybe I can help you appreciate it just a little bit more by suggesting ways to align with winter instead of resisting it, even if you live in a warm climate.

Know that every season brings a different energy. If you can align with it, not only does life get easier, you can also make more progress toward reaching your goals.

What changes could you make during the Winter season?

Winter is when life goes underground. It looks as if not much is alive, at least in the colder regions. But we know that deep down in the cold wet soil, the seeds are soaking in all the rich nutrients and building strength. That’s so, when spring arrives, the plants are able to grow to their fullest potential.

It can be the same for people too, that’s if you can do the human version of what plants do during winter. Then you’ll be on track to realize your greatest potential just like the plants.

Here are three things you can do to align with the natural world this Winter!

1. Appreciate the Solitude

Just like the natural world goes underground and quiet, you can too. Metaphorically speaking that is. No leaves on the trees or flowers blossoming, nothing visibly growing, just quiet stillness. This is the perfect time we benefit from going inward too. Make time for silence and solitude, for quiet meditation, or just appreciate being alone, which is very different from feeling lonely.

2. Rest & Recharge

Winter is when nature rests. Animals hibernate, plants don’t grow; days are short and nights are long. This is when the natural world is
recharging, repairing, and building reserves for future growth and activity. For us, it’s about getting deep rest, which means more sleep, and more downtime. But downtime is not hanging out in front of the TV, on the computer or some other electronic device.

Real downtime gives you a feeling genuine relaxation, such as doing something nice for your body. Examples are: a hot bath, doing yoga or other stretching movement that allows the muscles to relax and say “ahhhhhh….” The mind needs the same feeling of relaxation too. Winter’s a great time to get yourself into (or back to) a regular meditation practice.

Most importantly is to do whatever creates that “ahhhh…” feeling on a regular basis this winter and it’ll restore your spirit.

3. Let Yourself Dream and Plan Ahead

In the winter, the seeds are gathering strength and potency while they’re deep underground. For us, this is a time to let our dreams and wishes gather strength. Examples could be planning your garden (the best time to mail-order plants to be delivered in the spring), set your sights on a dream vacation. If it never comes into fruition, that’s okay, you’ve gone there in your mind. Allowing yourself to fantasize, daydream, or just letting your creative juices flow is another way of turning inward and without the worry of an outcome. It’s not a time to take action in the external world, but to explore your inner one. It’s out of that frame of mind that a powerful new vision for your future can emerge. Let those dreams make their way to the surface.

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Happy Winter!  











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