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My passion and education in the healing arts and the natural world began at a very early age. When I was about five or six I began working on getting my bedroom to “feel” just right by moving my stuff around, which I did often. It was also at this age I remember clearly talking to spirits; nature and others. I didn’t think it strange, just thought everyone talked to spirits. I began my formal education in dance at age five. As a teenager I discovered the benefits yoga had on my dance studies. As my interests in good health and an all round wellness routine expanded, so did my desire to learn all that I could. This became a life long pursuit. Getting a degree in teaching seemed like a practical profession for working with people. Now, with many modalities, trainings and certifications under my belt, it is my mission to share with others ways that you can create a healthy body, mind and home.


My studies include:
BA in Elem. Education and over 25yrs. of teaching experience

Completed certifications:
*200 hr. Yoga 2005
*Basic 2005, completed Advanced Thai Bodywork 2008
*Professional Feng Shui Designs 2015
*Animal Communication 2015
*Elemental Space Clearing 2016

Extensive trainings include:
*Over 300 hrs. in various Yoga trainings and intensives: 2005-present
*Essential Oils: since 2006…Young Living distributor #855934
*The Reconnection energy work: 2009
*Advanced Numerology: completed in 2011
*Chinese Face Reading 2015


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